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Little War Online is an upcoming crossplatform MMORPG. Featuring fastpaced targetless combat. Soon available on Android, iOS, PC, OSX, Linux & Web. Play early alpha now.

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Early Access is currently online

Steam Greenlight Approved


Immerse yourself into an open 2D World


Pick a side in this great war story! Choose between the noble Draxian or the fierce Naru.


Explore a vast open world full with magic and mysteries to reveal. Meet new friends in your journey!


Face other players in the open world or compete in the ranked arena and earn prizes & rewards.

Recent belic encounters have unleashed a new era of war between the Draxians and the Naru.

Stand together with the noble Draxian warriors, those who fight for justice and order.

Or fight side by side with the ancestral tribe Naru, defending nature and the balance in the universe.


Choose your path wisely


Noble warriors that fight for justice and order


Ancestral warriors that fight for nature and balance


Role: DPS, Tank

The Draxian Knight combines strength, defense and resistance to exceed in combat.


Role: DPS, Tank

With its huge strength and skills, the Naru Warrior can defend his allies or cause devastating damage.


Role: DPS, Support

The mission of the Draxian Paladin is to protect his allies, bring justice and vanquish evil from the world.


Role: DPS, Support

The Naru Lancer can focus on dealing huge amounts of damage or in supporting his allies.


Role: DPS

The Draxian Archer is focused on range combat and high bursts of damage.


Role: DPS

The Naru Necromancer is a voracious spellcaster and can summon minions to fight beside him.


gear up!

Items are essential in the game. Items develop and shape your character in different ways depending on the stats you pick. Some stats improve your skills, health, speed and power. Build a crazy fast character or an impressive tank that can really take it. The choice is up to you!

There are many sets of items depending on your level. There are also, different magic levels: Normal, Magic, Rare and Legendary. Legendary items are extremely rare and valuable.

Tier 1

Tier 2


progress in game

Medals are acquired as you progress in the game. There are several campaigns in different locations. From snowing fields to vast deserts. Explore new continents and challenge different bosses.


choose your profession

Crafting is essential for high level weapons and armors. Choose between different professions and enhance your equipment. Interact with other players with different professions to get the maximum improvement.

Magical aging of your equipment is performed using gems. The gems are crafted by different professions. Stats are increased depending on the magical age of the item.

Crafting & Enchanting


Take a look at the game.


Drezia is the Draxian capital city


This is the Naru capital city Navisco


The cold lands of neverwinter


A low level Naru Party getting some XP

Grand Arena

3 vs 3 in the grand Arena

Magul Forest

The dry forest surrounding Magul

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